"Education is the all drawing out of the best in child and man - body, mind and spirit" - Mahatma Gandhi

Unity In Diversity
Our school represents a cross section of the society and is a rich blanket of multi cultural diversity. Children come to us from varied cultural, social, racial and religious backgrounds. Within school they learn to live together as one big family, regardless of their roots and create newer and stronger bonds with each other that will last them a life time.

Always Think Positive
The minds of children, contrary to our beliefs, are open. Friendships are formed on face values without any expectations. It becomes the responsibility of the school to ensure that all children put under its care are taught the importance of inculcating right ethics. These are urgent in order to develop as an individual, both mentally and emotionally. with us, the students learn to be upright and honest, they understand respect, they are taught differentiate right from wrong and have the courage to stand up for what is correct.
Our aims is to strive for excellence and achieve the best. We offer balanced, coherent and relevant curriculum with high standard learning to foster positive thinking and nurture creativity.

Mr. Ram Krishna Kumar, Director

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Email ID : ssspsbksc@gmail.com