No one forgets a great teacher, our school’s success is based on professionalism and the formal yet friendly relationship between pupils and our teachers.


Classes for pre nursery to prep and Classes from 1 to Class 10 in all subjects including Maths, Science, Sanskrit, English, Hindi, Social Studies and Computers etc..


We aim for the total development of each individual child's spiritual, moral intellectual social, emotional and physical empowerment to their full potential.


To Contribute to the Progress of the State, National humanity as a whole Providing Education through Innovation and Skills development to future Citizen.

Our Inspiration

Recognized as one of the principle and significant leaders of peasantry in Bihar, Swami Sahajanand Saraswati was a brilliant intellectual and a striking master of debate. Gifted with numerous qualities of mass leadership, Sahajanand grew as a social reformer and politician and won a circle of several admirers. However, to his ill-fate, all his contributions towards the freedom movement of India and raising consciousness of peasants are forgotten today, except amongst a small number of historians and social scientists. The most attractive and instructive respect that he earned during his life was his intellectual transformation, which makes him distinguished even today, though with a small population. He was a versatile genius with performing several roles during his entire working career, such as linguist, polymath, sociologist, historian, philosopher, writer, grammarian, ascetic, revolutionary, Marxist, and politician.